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20 Jul 2009 | Scott Ludlam

It's easy to approve a new uranium mine when it is out of mind and out of sight - but just because we don't see a place every day doesn't mean that we should risk ruining it forever.

That's how the Environment Minister Peter Garrett and Resources Minister Martin Ferguson are able to approve environmentally destructive projects like General Atomics new Beverley 4 Mile mine, 500 kilometres north of Adelaide.

The Australian Government allows our uranium to be sold to nuclear weapon states such as China. Uranium sold for nuclear power frees up uranium for nuclear weapons so our exports directly or indirectly fuel growing nuclear instability and threats across our region and around the world.

That's why it's important to let our politicians know, in their own backyards, that this massive expansion of uranium mining must stop.

With your help, we are proposing to send the postcard message below to every of the 87,930 voters in Batman electorate, the backyard of the Resources Minister Martin Ferguson.

For every signature we receive here, one postcard will be sent to a resident in this electorate, with the following message:

Dear Resident of Batman,

Your local Member, Resources Minister Martin Ferguson, is part of a Government that has recently approved a controversial new uranium mine, which by 2010, will be Australia’s fifth.

It is part of a huge expansion of uranium mining by the Australian Government – even though public opinion in Australia is firmly against it.

As a resident of Batman, you have a very powerful role to play in reminding Minister Ferguson that uranium mining should be frozen, and that no new mines should be approved. Minister Ferguson is approving uranium mines in other Australians’ backyards and we need your help to hold him responsible in his own.

You are invited to join the campaign to keep Minister Ferguson on his toes – and Australia’s uranium safely in the ground. We will keep you updated on how you can ensure that your local member acts in accordance with your wishes.
Our goal is 87930 signatures! So far 2417 people have supported this campaign, which represents 2.75% of our goal. Help us get there!

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