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Open Economy - Stage 2

Scott Ludlam 30 May 2015

The open economy project is moving to stage two. 

In stage one we created a canvas on which to place financial entities – from households to corporations to whole countries.

In stage two we have engaged two developers to rebuild the project from scratch, redesigning the user interface based on feedback from round one, adding new comparison modules to allow financial data to be read more legibly, retiring the prototype and rebuilding it in D3.

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WA's marine future

With a massive coastline and unique marine ecosystems, climate change, over fishing, pollution and development are all major threats to Western Australia.

The Greens have strongly supported the development and maintenence of the world-leading system of marine protectected areas installed under the previous government, but which have been reduced to nothing more than lines on the map by Tony Abbott, after the management plans for these protected areas were abolished.

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