Melbourne Bike Blackspot

This Bike Blackspot map is a compilation of the cycling blackspots throughout Victoria and Melbourne submitted by cyclists using the Bike Blackspot app for iPhone. 

You can zoom in and move the map to see the feedback submitted from your area.

To add your own feedback, get the 'bike blackspot' iPhone application and send us a report.

If you don't have an iPhone, simply email your feedback with the location and a photo of the blackspot to

The information collected will be used to lobby for serious funding for cycling infrastructure to build a better bike network.

Your report will also be forwarded directly to the Victorian Transport Minister and Greens MP Greg Barber, who is campaigning to reverse the Victorian Governments bike funding cuts. Check out to get involved.

So tell us - Where are the most obvious gaps or dangerous parts of the cycle network you use? Where is key cycling infrastructure lacking? Which routes are incomplete? Where are end of trip facilities most needed?

We will compile your feedback and use it to help develop our bikeplan initiative.

Latest on Melbourne Bike Blackspot


Greens back Fund Our Future campaign for outer suburbs

01 Feb 2016

The Australian Greens have thrown support behind a plan that ensures people living in the expanding outer suburbs of Australia’s capital cities have access to the same services of inner-city residents.


Government snubs investment in cycleways

28 May 2014

Despite a growing proportion of bike riders, despite issues around the climate, energy security, traffic congestion, increasing obesity and many more- our government wishes only to invest in roads and handball the issue to underfunded and uninterested states.


Tony Abbott: the Lycra cyclist who won’t fund bike paths

05 Sep 2013

The Australian Greens have called on the Australian Government to spend a fraction of its multi-billion annual transport budget on building bike paths - an area of transport infrastructure ignored by both the older parties.


Greens announce bike app and funding for Bunbury

14 Jun 2013

Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam will visit Bunbury this Saturday 15 June to announce a costed Greens plan for fixing dangerous cycling routes and infrastructure in the Greater Bunbury area.


One year of inaction on bike blackspot ends with cyclist in hospital

23 May 2013

More than one year after warning Transport Minister Troy Buswell to fix a Perth cycling blackspot, a cyclist has been hospitalised after a crash at the very same site.

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