Open Economy

17 May 2013 | Scott Ludlam

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<p>Where do your tax dollars go? How much do we spend on housing and homelessness? What does the world spend on the military every year, and how does Telstra compare to BHP?</p><p>The OpenEconomy model is open ended: we've started with this year's budget, now it's over to you.</p><ul><li><h2><a href="">Help! How to explore the Open Economy</a></h2></li><li><h2><a href="">Blogging OpenEconomy: what even is it</a></h2></li><li><h2><a href="" target="_blank">Make your own models, load them up and share them</a></h2></li><li><h2><a href="">Send us a message, comment, request or critique: GO</a></h2></li></ul>