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Strong digital encryption


22 February 2016

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that - 

The Senate -

1. Notes;

a. Strong digital encryption protects the personal and financial information of millions of people;

b. Encryption is an important tool to prevent identity theft and other crime;

c. Encryption ensures that public interest whistleblowers, journalists and other civil  society actors can conduct their activities more securely;

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Australia Council Operational Funding Program Investment

Scott Ludlam 7 Feb 2016

Senator LUDLAM: We still net them out? Thank you. That was then, this is now. You have had to revise everything back to a four-year operational funding program. How much are you now looking to invest?

Mr Grybowski: Again, the round figure is $27 million less in that funding envelope.

Senator LUDLAM: So from $50 million, we are down to $23 million, roughly?

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What Assistance did the Australian Government provide to the Sri Lankan Criminal Investigation Department (CID)?

Senator Scott Ludlam: asked the Attorney-General on 20 November 2015:

With reference to Australian Government assistance provided to the Sri Lankan Criminal Investigation Department (CID) :

(1) Can the Attorney-General confirm that Australia, via the Australian Federal Police (AFP) , has provided the CID with equipment, as revealed in an ABC 7.30 report on 3 August 2015; if so:

(a) on what date did the assistance begin;

(b) what kind of equipment has been provided by the Australian Government to the CID; and

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Strong local opposition at all 6 proposed nuclear waste dump sites

Scott Ludlam 4 Feb 2016

There is strong local opposition exists at all six sites currently under consideration for a nuclear waste dump in Australia. The communities of Hill End in New South Wales, Omanama in Queensland, Hale in the Northern Territory, Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia have all said no.

NOTICE OF MOTION                                                                          4 February 2016                                                                                            

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