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The Auditor General should investigate the Commonwealth funding approvals for the Perth Freight Link

Scott Ludlam 3 Feb 2016


NOTICE OF MOTION                                                                          2 February 2016                                                                                            

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that -

The Senate -

1.       Notes the findings of the federal Auditor General's report that examined approval and administration of federal funding for the East West Link project, including:

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Data Breach Legislation - where is it George?

In the midst of the shambolic mandatory data retention debate, the government assured everyone that they would legislate a mandatory data breach scheme in 2015 - a measure that had been debated in the senate since 2013.

This measure would require governments and business would be to notify people if they'd suffered a security breach and data was compromised.

We're still waiting.

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Navy patrols near the artificial islands China has constructed in the South China Sea

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister for Defence, in writing, on 20 November 2015: With reference to the United States recent indication that it will soon begin sending navy patrols near the artificial islands China has constructed in the South China Sea:

(1) Has the Department, the Minister or any other official been approached by US personnel in relation to Australian involvement in this type of mission.

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The World Heritage values of the Burrup

Scott Ludlam 22 Jan 2016

DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Question No. 2633 Senator Ludlam asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment, in writing, on20 November 2015:With reference to the World Heritage values of the Burrup:

(1) Could the Minister confirm that nominations to the next World Heritage nomination listing process are due by 1 February 2016.

(2) Can an outline be provided of the process and timeframe that would have to be met in order to make a nomination by February 1 2016.

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Beeliar offsets

Scott Ludlam 19 Dec 2015

Senator LUDLAM: Do your approval conditions allow for land clearing to commence before you have identified and secured your offsets?

Mr Knudson: We do have that situation occur on occasion.

Senator LUDLAM: On this occasion?

Mr Knudson: On this occasion I am not sure that we have the information at hand and so we would have to come back on notice on that as to what the specific requirement and the condition set were.

Answer: No.

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Australian Interactive Games – Funding Metrics

Senator LUDLAM: What do you think the industry needs to recover from that funding loss? I will go to Senator Fifield when he comes back to the table. From your point of view, was it a successful scheme? Whether it is reborn is not up to you guys, but was it a successful scheme from the perspective of the people who were administering it?

Mr Mason: Yes, we would suggest that it was successful in its outcomes and its development.

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Funding Support for the Australia Council

Scott Ludlam 15 Dec 2015

Senator LUDLAM: Do you have a sense of the additional money that those companies are then able to generate throughout that investment? For every dollar of taxpayers' funding that goes to the small and medium sector, how much-

Mr Grybowski: I will take that question on notice. We obviously gather that data in terms of their other leveraged funding and the income of the government funding et cetera. I will get back to you with the specific figure.

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