Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy

Our communications priorities have been to maximise the ability of Australians to access communications technologies and networks regardless of location, inequality or disability. We seek to maximise diversity in media ownership in Australia with a view to diffusing the concentration of ownership by a handful of corporate interests, maximising the reach of alternative voices including community broadcasters, SBS and independent producers.

In particular, the Greens have been a strong voice against Government attempts to censor the internet or exploit communications technologies to massively expand surveillance of the Australian people. 


It's time for government to get in the game

29 Apr 2016

The Senate Environment and Communications References Committee recommended that a successor to the Australian Interactive Games Fund be instigated, in the ‘Future of Australia's video game development industry’ report tabled today.


Greens welcome objectives of PM cyber-announcement

21 Apr 2016

Just appending the word 'cyber' to everything won't be enough to protect essential digital rights in the 21st century.


February 2016 Estimates QoN: Local content on Pay TV

19 Apr 2016

How much local Australian content does the pay TV or subscription TV industry procure annually?


Turnbull/Shorten Data Retention Scheme an Expensive Failure

16 Mar 2016

Today the Labor Party again supported the Abbott/Turnbull Liberal government's Mandatory Data Retention Scheme, despite the spiralling cost and expanding scope, the Australian Greens said.

The ALP has again joined with the Government to vote down a Greens Senate motion calling for the scheme to be abandoned.


The Liberals Mandatory Data Retention Scheme supported by Labor

16 Mar 2016

The expensive, intrusive and ultimately pointless mandatory telecommunications data retention scheme was introduced in the 2015-16 Budget at a cost to taxpayers of $153.8 million


Protect media diversity and local content first: Greens

02 Mar 2016

Any moves to change ownership rules governing Australia's media landscape should be focussed on expanding media diversity and supporting local content, the Australian Greens said today.


Don’t Merge ABC & SBS: Greens

25 Feb 2016

Any merger of the ABC and SBS would be in name only, it would more closely resemble a takeover of SBS and NITV by the ABC, the Australian Greens said today.

"What SBS and NITV are able to accomplish with comparatively tiny budgets is extraordinary, and the value of these services goes far beyond the purely economic," Australian Greens Communications Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.


Digital Radio and Community Broadcasting

23 Feb 2016

The Australian Greens support the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Digital Radio) Bill 2015 for much the same reasons that Senator Gallagher has just outlined. In fact, the Greens had agreed to let this bill go through in non-contro so it is interesting to see at sneaking into government business. Nonetheless, it is a sensible bill. It is housekeeping but it does underline the importance of digital radio broadcasts in the Australian market.


Strong digital encryption

22 Feb 2016

Strong digital encryption protects the personal and financial information of millions of people.


Transparency about the NBN

22 Feb 2016

I have a certain sympathy the Senator Fifield, as the rest of the chamber lined up to say that this bill was largely innocuous and was largely housekeeping measure. He is correct about that, but this is some unfinished business and some unfinished housekeeping which we should not be needing to deal with today.

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