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Just make the content available: Greens

Australian Greens Communications Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam has again called for rights holders to dedicate their resources to making content more readily available instead of launching yet another costly court proceeding.

“Village Roadshow and other rights holders have been too slow to adapt to changing viewer habits, and again appear to be fighting progress with litigation instead of innovation,” Senator Ludlam said.

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Encryption keeps everyone safe: Greens

Encryption technology is used by millions of people every day to manage financial transactions, to protect against identity theft and to keep their medical and other personal information safe, and developers of the technology should not be bullied by governments into making those protections weaker, the Australian Greens said today.

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Scott Ludlam at DrupalGov 2016

Speaker 1: It's been a great morning. Hasn't it? I've had lots of really awesome feedback from everyone, and I'm really pleased that you're having such a great time. We've had some fantastic speakers this morning. We had to, as you know, reshuffle today a little bit, and as a result we're now getting two keynotes, so that's really fantastic. I think the next speaker probably needs no introduction.

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Decision imminent: UN determination on arbitrary detention of Julian Assange

Friday morning Australian time, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights' Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) will make a determination on the case of Julian Assange.

The mandate of the Working Group is to determine if individuals have been subjected to detention that is arbitrary or inconsistent with binding international obligations of the states in question.

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Data Breach Legislation - where is it George?

In the midst of the shambolic mandatory data retention debate, the government assured everyone that they would legislate a mandatory data breach scheme in 2015 - a measure that had been debated in the senate since 2013.

This measure would require governments and business would be to notify people if they'd suffered a security breach and data was compromised.

We're still waiting.

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Face up: “The Capability” will be a major digital rights campaign in 2016

The Turnbull Government appears intent on developing a national facial recognition ‘Capability' after a preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment glossed over the essential risks of the proposal, the Australian Greens said today.

"A string of high-profile global data breaches, serious security flaws in myGov, the backlash against the data retention debacle, these things clearly don't exist in the eternal sunshine of the spotless Attorney General's department," Australian Greens Deputy Leader Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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