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Australian Interactive Games – Funding Metrics

Senator LUDLAM: What do you think the industry needs to recover from that funding loss? I will go to Senator Fifield when he comes back to the table. From your point of view, was it a successful scheme? Whether it is reborn is not up to you guys, but was it a successful scheme from the perspective of the people who were administering it?

Mr Mason: Yes, we would suggest that it was successful in its outcomes and its development.

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Question 2586 - Administered Grants Indexation Pause

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister for Finance, upon notice, on 22 October 2015:

With reference to the 'Administered Grants Indexation Pause' which covers a range of mental health, community broadcasting, social services, education, industry and skills programs introduced in the 2014-15 Budget for three years and extended for another two years in the 2015-16 Budget:

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Questions to the Minister for Communications on HD broadcasts

Question No. 1804 Senator Ludlam: asked the Minister for Communications on 30 January 2015:

With reference to High Definition (HD) in the Australian television industry:

(1). What proportion of Australian households does the Department of Communications estimate currently have a television capable of displaying HD (720p or 1080p) image quality.

(2). Is the Minister aware that:

(a) some estimates place the proportion of Australian households with an HD capable televisionas high as 77 percent;

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$300 million to implement, 15 cents to circumvent

Mandatory data retention legislation that costs over $300 million dollars to implement, and around 15 cents a day to circumvent, was due to come into effect today, but most Internet Service Providers have not received a response from the Attorney-General's Department about the plans they were required to submit, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Communications Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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