The Greens want to see an end to nuclear weapons and nuclear power.  The 20,000 nuclear weapons that exist today are obsolete relics of the Cold War and can end our world in an afternoon. Like landmines and cluster weapons, they must be abolished, through a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

The whole nuclear fuel chain – from uranium mining to the unresolved problem of nuclear waste – presents unacceptable environmental and security risks and is phenomenally expensive. Rather than leaving future generations the burden of nuclear waste, we should be giving them truly safe, clean, timely and economic solutions to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.  The future is renewable, not radioactive.  


SA’s future in renewables, not ‘fatally flawed’ nuclear waste dumps

09 May 2016

The Australian Greens have cautioned the South Australian Labor Government against rushing to a point of no return on international radioactive waste, with the release today of the final report of the SA Royal Commission into the expansion of the nuclear industry. 


Why must we always force nuclear waste onto Aboriginal people?

03 May 2016

The long history of failed plans to locate national radioactive waste dumps here in Australia at multiple sites across South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia is disturbingly consistent: it is disproportionately Aboriginal land that is targeted, and Aboriginal communities who are expected to host the most dangerous categories of industrial waste that this society is capable of producing.


Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners response to the National Radioactive Waste dump

02 May 2016

On the 27th of November 2015 the Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners released a statement outlining their opposition to the nomination of Barndioota station to host a National Radioactive Waste facility.


Nuclear inquiry needed for waste dump sites

29 Apr 2016

The Australian Greens have called for an independent, deliberative inquiry into long-term stewardship options for spent nuclear fuel.


February 2016 Estimates: ANSTO

20 Apr 2016

The Advertiser on 4 February had a pretty big, attention-grabbing headline: 'Australia's nuclear reactor will stop making lifesaving medicines next year unless waste storage facilities are expanded'. That is not actually true, though, is it? It is not the case.


Nukes deal on Chernobyl disaster anniversary a new low

01 Apr 2016

Bishop nuclear deal with Ukraine after refusing Russian deal is tone deaf


Six Communities United in Opposition to Government’s Nuclear Waste Dump Plans

01 Mar 2016

Representatives from each of the six communities shortlisted as potential sites for a nuclear waste dump were hosted by the Greens in Parliament House today.


Support and Justice for Atomic Veterans

25 Feb 2016

I have reasonably frequently found myself on the opposite of the argument to Senator Lambie, but not on this issue. Since the first moment that she took her seat in here, the Australian Greens, more often than not, have found ourselves on the same side of the debate.


The Fantasy Economics of the SA Royal Commission

24 Feb 2016

These are immensely serious issues regarding the return of Australian obligated nuclear fuel or reprocessing wastes from nuclear reactor and research reactor operations here in Sydney from reprocessing plants in Europe and elsewhere.

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