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#estimates, in retrospect

#estimates, in retrospect

 A fortnight ago I sketched a quick summary of what your Parliament does during a budget estimates fortnight. Now you get to see the some of the results. Yes, there was obfuscation, timewasting and petty denial, but the last two weeks has impressed on me again how important this ritual is for all concerned, particularly in the light of the unique nature of the budget in question.

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Muckaty Radioactive Dump defeated at last

Scott Ludlam 3 Jun 2014

This is an extraordinary win for the elders and their families who have sought to protect country on behalf of all of us. They should never have had the burden of dealing with Australia's radioactive waste laid on them, first by the Howard Government, and then by the Rudd/Gillard Government. Now that burden is lifted.

It is essential that Australia's disgraceful history of targeting Aboriginal communities to host our 60-year legacy of spent reactor fuel is never repeated again.

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Abbott comments reveal support for Hawkes nuclear dump ‘vision’

Media release
Senator for WA Scott Ludlam
May 20, 2014

Recycled comments by former Prime Minister Bob Hawke on turning Australia into a global nuclear waste dump begs the question of whether current Prime Minister Tony Abbott still agrees with the ‘visionary' suggestion.

In 2005, then Minister for Health Tony Abbott praised Hawke's idea as visionary but said it was ‘hampered by political parochialism that needed to be overcome'.

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