Stop Government Snooping

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has called for an inquiry into ‘reforms’ of security legislation to boost ASIO’s powers again, and require all ISPs and phone companies to collect and store all data on all users for up to two years.

All data, for all Australians, for years: every article you read online, detailed locational data collected by your phone, everyone you come into contact with, everything you buy.

Surveillance overreach doesn't come much more audacious than this.

Australians have a strong tradition of standing up for free speech and freedom of association - we need to safeguard these traditions in the online environment.


The National Security inquiry

Our biggest test will be defeating the Government’s total surveillance proposals, recently referred to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security.


Among other things, these proposals include:

• surveillance of Twitter and facebook accounts,

• criminalising encryption; witholding computer passwords,

• ASIO stop-and-search powers,

• ASIO powers to plant or destroy information on computers without notification

• two year data retention across all platforms, for everyone.


What you can do:

   - Contact the Minister Roxon and tell her what you think

        Email :
        Post: Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
       Ph : 02 6277 7300 Fax: 02 6273 4102

   - Download and share the leaflet - available here .

   - Visit the committee’s web page ( to see the submissions to the Inquiry

   - Follow the debate on twitter at #natsecinquiry and spread the word.

   - Email us to get a campaign badge via 

Who watches the watchers?

It looks as though we all have to.








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