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Airservices Australia Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Perth

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Scott Ludlam 11 Oct 2012

Budget Estimates 23 May 2012 - Rural & Regional Affairs  

Senator LUDLAM asked: 

Senator LUDLAM: Okay. My final batch, then, will be on notice. How far away are we from having that technology installed at Perth airport, where air traffic as a result of FIFO traffic has gone absolutely berserk and residents are justifiably pretty annoyed at the amount of noise in and out of Perth? Can you provide us with an update of whether or when RNP technology will be considered for Perth airport?
Mr Harfield: We will take that on notice, Senator.
Required Navigation Performance (Smart Tracking) has been permanently introduced at Brisbane Airport and is delivering safety, environmental and efficiency benefits. The rollout of this technology is subject to commercial decisions by airlines (to fit cockpit avionics and undertake pilot training), safety considerations and the assessment of environmental impacts. Airline demand has seen Airservices establish a provisional rollout program to several major city and regional airports in coming years. Perth is being considered in this program, however much of the fleet of aircraft currently using this airport are not equipped to use this technology.

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