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Australian Government up to its neck in PRISM surveillance; Greens press for the truth

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 12 Jun 2013

Revelations from within Australia's intelligence agencies have confirmed the Government is actively complicit in the United States' surveillance of Australian citizens.

"The Australian Government has denied any knowledge of the NSA's widespread online surveillance of people around the world since it was revealed by Edward Snowden. It is now clear that the ‘hear no evil, see no evil' routine is a sham," Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said.

"The Australian Government was aware of the spying, and collaborating to circumvent due process through receipt of vast amounts of surveillance material from the United States.

"Next week I will move an Order for the production of documents in the Senate to finally get some disclosure from our Government. This will be a test for the opposition as well; it is essential they support this motion.

"On 7 June I put a series of questions to the Attorney General on Australian involvement in PRISM. (

"While the National Security Inquiry looks at the Government's proposed data retention scheme, the Government is already up to its neck in spying on the communications of law-abiding Australian citizens.

"Next week I am introducing a Bill into the Senate to strengthen regulation of data collection on Australians, returning normal warrant procedures to law enforcement agencies accessing peoples' private communications data. (

"But while the Greens fight hard to defend people's privacy and civil liberties from increasingly audacious Australian Government agencies, the Government leaves the nation wide open to spying by the United States. The Government must reveal the extent of its complicity in this unprecedented intrusion."


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