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Australians want better public transport

The majority of Australians want to see public transport improved and it is time for governments to listen, say the Australian Greens.

Greens public transport spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said an extensive study by the Sydney University's Institute of Transport and Logistics found that 54 per cent of people around the nation believe investment in public transport is the highest priority for transport authorities, with only 22 per cent ranking roads as the top issue.

"The pleasing thing from the research is the strong support for public transport, but of equal importance was the study's findings of widely-held views that transport in Australia is getting worse," said Senator Ludlam. "People feel there has not been enough investment in public transport and we agree. This needs to change."

Senator Ludlam has been a strong proponent of light rail systems for more than three years.

"Electric light rail reduces congestion and, if run on renewable energy, has zero carbon emissions," he said. "The Greens have a plan for light rail systems in major Australian cities. For a relatively inexpensive investment, it delivers a great service for many decades."

"The 2009-10 Federal Budget included an announcement the Government would spend $28 billion on road projects over the next six years," said Senator Ludlam. "A comprehensive light rail network could be built in Perth for about three billion dollars. You can imagine what we could achieve with light rail around the nation with $28 billion."


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