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Barnett and Woodside cling to obsolete plan to wreck James Price Point while industry leaders move on

Woodside and Colin Barnett's plan to wreck James Price Point is looking increasingly obsessive as leading companies turn their backs on obsolete onshore processing, the Greens said today.

Speaking from Broome today Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said "Shell and Exxon Mobil are pursuing floating LNG projects while Woodside clings to its plan to ruin the pristine coast at James Price Point".

"The world's two biggest oil companies have decided floating LNG technology is the way forward for offshore Australian gas field developments, yet Woodside and the Premier are stuck in the past.

"The Premier's intransigence on James Price Point defies the wishes of the majority of Western Australians, defies any kind of scientific understanding of the environmental impact on the area, and defies the advances in technology being embraced by gas industry leaders.

"Gas is not the way of the future. While it may yield high short-term profits, gas remains a polluting and finite resource. The Barnett Government should focus on developing the state's vast renewable energy potential. However, the Premier could at the very least eschew the ‘worst case scenario' option he supports for James Price Point and explore alternatives that do not involve wrecking a pristine and uniquely endowed part of Western Australia," said Senator Ludlam.

The Greens' Energy 2029 report outlines the strategy for powering the South West grid with 100 per cent renewable energy by 2029:

Greens Senator for Western Australia Rachel Siewert said the Federal Government must intervene to defend the Kimberley.

"The Premier continues to take his own blinkered view of this development, without any consideration of the tremendous environmental, cultural, and heritage threat it poses. In light of his failings, the pressure continues to build on Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to use his powers to protect James Price Point.

"The Greens are deeply concerned by the prospect of the Kimberley becoming another industrial centre - a clear motivator behind the Premier's flawed commitment to this project.

"Our vision for the future of the Kimberley provides economic strength through sustainable businesses and developments that support and build communities."

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