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The CEFC Turnbull wants to axe made $73 million, cuts power bills for low income residents

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 8 Feb 2016

Senate Estimates questioning by the Australian Greens today revealed that the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which the Liberal Government is still determined to abolish, had made $73 million for taxpayers at the end of last year.

“The climate dinosaurs pulling the Coalition strings aren't just ignoring science, now they're ignoring economics,” Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said. 

“This organisation is making tens of millions of dollars for taxpayers, leveraging billions of dollars in private investment in clean tech and improving household energy efficiency to reduce power bills for low-income residents. How is it not a great example of the 'innovation' this government professes to value?

“Yet the Turnbull Government still wants to abolish this money-making, job-creating, power-bill-cutting organisation, and it’s only the Senate that’s keeping it safe.   

“The CEFC said today that the ‘most innovative’ projects would not  have got off the ground if not for its investment. 

“Malcolm Turnbull’s apparent innovation agenda is at direct odds with his government’s policy to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which is unlocking innovation while making millions for Australian taxpayers,” Senator Ludlam said. 

Watch the Senate Estimates exchange here: 


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