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Commonwealth Heritage

Scott Ludlam 29 Apr 2009

The Priority Assessment List process seems to have some problems. It has been called complex, unreasonably inflexible, queried in its usefulness for Commonwealth Heritage, and it allows worthy nominations to lapse after two consecutive attempts. Why is the review report silent on such issues and why was the effectiveness of the process not considered?


The contents of the five yearly report on the National and Commonwealth Heritage Lists are prescribed in sections 324ZC and 341ZH of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The effectiveness of the procedures for developing the National and Commonwealth Heritage Lists is not one of the prescribed matters to be addressed in this report.

The separate independent review of the operations of the Act that is currently underway in accordance with section 522 of the Act has specifically invited views on the process of nominating and listing places to the National and Commonwealth Heritage Lists.

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