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Consultation with Muckaty Traditional Owners

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Scott Ludlam 23 Dec 2010

Senate Standing Committee on Economics - ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON NOTICE
Resources, Energy and Tourism Portfolio - Supplementary Budget Senate Estimates
20 October 2010

Senator Ludlam asked:

Senator LUDLAM-No, the traditional owners who dissent, the traditional owners who do not want the stuff dumped up there. Has he met with them?

Mr Davoren-As far as I am aware, he has not consulted those people, but if you need information-

Senator LUDLAM-Sorry?

Mr Davoren-As far as I am aware, he has not consulted those people, but if you want information on who the minister has consulted, I think you had best direct that to him.

Senator Sherry-I will take that on notice.

Senator LUDLAM-If you could, Minister. These folk have been phoning, they have been writing letters, they visited his office a couple of times, they visited here in the House and they have invited him on a number of occasions to meet with him in Tennant or somewhere close to there, or anywhere actually, over a period of about five years. If you can respond with any indication at all that the minister has even once taken the slightest interest in those invitations that would be great.

Senator Sherry-I can only take it on notice.

Senator LUDLAM-That is okay. I understand. Thanks, Chair. That is all I have got.


The Minister has not met the Indigenous land owners who oppose the nomination as he does not wish to prejudice legal proceedings in the Federal Court. The Minister replied on 22 October 2010 to representations made by traditional land owners from several estate clans on Muckaty Station who oppose the nomination.
In accordance with the Recommendation 1 of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee report on the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010, the Minister will consult with all parties with an interest in, or who would be affected by, a decision to select a site for a radioactive waste management facility.

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