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Cost of Urban Sprawl

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 15 Jul 2011

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications Legislation Committee
SEWPaC portfolio
Question No: 056

Senator Ludlam asked:

(page 113)
Senator LUDLAM: Thank you. I have a couple more questions, if I may, which do not go to any particular budget line item. But they relate to the cost of sprawl, which is something that I presume you are reasonably preoccupied with. I am interested to know whether you are aware of research by Curtin University that found that for every 1,000 dwellings, the cost for infill in fringe developments is $309 million and $653 million respectively. The citation for that is Assessing the costs of alternative development paths in Australian cities by a number of researchers at Curtin University CUSP. Are you aware of that work?
(page 114)
Mr Sullivan: ... I would have to check on that. A member of the research group you are referring to from Curtin University was one of the participants at the roundtables that we conducted as part of the population strategy process.
Senator LUDLAM: Okay.


A representative of Curtin University, Dr Gary Middle, Head of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Built Environment, was a participant in one of the roundtable discussions with the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities that informed the development of Sustainable Australia - Sustainable Communities (the Strategy). 

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