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Cyperpolicy coordination budget

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 26 Nov 2013

Senate Budget Estimates - 27 May 2013 

Senator LUDLAM: You had eight, but it is 12. Lastly-and this will probably go on notice as well-what did the establishment of the centre cost taxpayers? How much is it expected to cost over the forward estimates?

Mr McKinnon: We will take that on notice and provide an answer to you


The Government does not comment on the specifics of national security funding. However, the Government can confirm that there is no new funding. The cost to establish the Australian Cyber Security Centre is being covered from within existing portfolio budgets. Each agency that participates in the ACSC contributes to the cost - the Defence portfolio will be contributing approximately 73 per cent of the total funding, while the Attorney General's portfolio will be contributing the remaining 27 per cent. All ACSC agencies come from these two portfolios.

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