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Estimates questions from Senator Scott Ludlam on the provision of bike paths alongside freeways

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 14 Dec 2012

Question: 12
Topic: Provision of Bike Paths alongside Freeways
Asked By: Senator LUDLAM
Type of Question: Written
Date set by the committee for the return of answer: 7 December 2012

With reference to ‘Positive provision' of bike paths alongside freeways;

1. Is this Department responsible for overseeing the provision of bike paths attached to federally funded roads?

2. If not, which Department and specific unit is responsible for ensuring these standards?
3. If so, a. What standards does the Department currently apply when bike paths are built on federally funded roads?
b. Is the Department familiar with the Austroads minimum standards - the " Preferred separation of bicycles and motor vehicles" (attached, source: Austroads, 2009)
c. Is the Department familiar with the Australian Bicycle Council's guidelines on "Cycling on Higher Speed Roads - When to Provide for Bicycles on Higher Speed Roads"?

It states:
Best practice
All of the international guidelines reviewed recommend that cyclists are separated from high speed traffic, generally by providing an off road path although in some circumstances bicycle lanes are acceptable. These paths should form a complete network so that cyclists are not forced to share space with high speed vehicles.

Design guidelines from NSW, Queensland and New Zealand provide guidance about the preferred type of bicycle facility on urban roads based on the traffic speed and volume.
At traffic speeds of 80 km/h and above, a bicycle path separated from the road is almost universally the recommended treatment. On 70 km/h roads with low traffic volumes, and rural roads, sealed shoulders (or bicycle lanes) are also acceptable.

d. What proportion of bike paths on federally funded roads currently comply with these standards?

4. With specific reference to the answers to QoN 126 (attached) please list the paths which meet the Austroads and Bicycle Council minimum standards.

5. With reference to the attached photos of the Perth-Bunbury Highway which is listed in QoN126 as a "separate or segregated bike path", please confirm whether this indeed is classified as a separate or segregated bike path, according to the federal government.


1. The Department is not responsible for overseeing the provision of bike paths attached to federally funded roads.

2. The Department responsible for the National Cycling Strategy is the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.


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