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Federal Labor & Liberals keep Western Australians in the dark on light rail

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 7 Feb 2013

A move by Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam to have the Federal Government disclose Troy Buswell's attempts to secure federal funding for Perth light rail was defeated by Labor and the Coalition in the Senate today.

Senator Ludlam moved to have the documents made public after Mr Buswell refused to commit to building light rail in Perth and refused to reveal costings.  The Federal Government revealed today that the State Government asked that the details of their application be kept secret.

"It was extraordinary to see the major parties unite to keep this information a secret. Western Australians have a right to know whether the Barnett Government is serious about delivering light rail. The Treasurer refuses to reveal costings for the Coalition's purported light rail plan, and has recently attempted to distance himself from the proposal.

"The WA Government's Infrastructure Australia submission must be made public. The people of WA have a right to know what they're voting for. Is the Coalition genuine about improving public transport in Perth or is this a smoke and mirrors job?"

Greens (WA) transport spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC said the Greens have worked tirelessly to promote cooperation and consultation to solve WA's transport problems.

"Transport is a leading public issue in the coming state election. People are crying out for a better public transport system. We need to know: Is the Barnett Government's response to public demand a real plan for better public transport, or is it a marketing gimmick to keep them in office?"

Ms MacLaren will move a similar motion to reveal the Government's IA funding requests in State Parliament when it resumes after the March election.


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