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Gaping holes in data retention laws will only hurt Australian businesses: Greens

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 3 Feb 2015


Media Statement

Greens spokesperson for Communications

Senator for WA Scott Ludlam


The Abbott Government’s controversial data retention proposal yesterday descended into satire with confirmation from the Attorney General's Department that popular platforms like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook would not be captured under the legislation.

Yesterday in the Senate committee hearing into the Telecommunications Act, the department confirmed that a Bigpond or Iinet account would be captured by the data retention scheme, but a Gmail or Facebook message would not.

 The Greens have called on the ALP to put the policy out of its misery and declare they will vote against it. 

"If Australians want to submit to George Brandis' mass surveillance regime they can stick with Australian service providers. Everyone else will head for the door,” he said.

"The policy is an uncosted, pointless mess of red tape that seems designed to hurt Australian companies and drive customers offshore.

"Imagine George Brandis's amazement to discover that the internet is a global medium. He can file that discovery next to his definition of metadata." 

See the video snippet here:

Senator Ludlam launched an inquiry in 2013 into the current Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 and is expected to report on necessary reforms to that Act in the coming months.

More videos are here:

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