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"Gary" gets it - for the World's Greatest Shave

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 16 Feb 2016

Western Australians are being asked to accept the hairy challenge of getting sponsored to shave or colour their hair to help people with blood cancer this March.

Senator Scott Ludlam has risen to that challenge as he commits to raise $5000 for the Leukaemia Foundation in the World’s Greatest Shave. 

Senator Ludlam has been described as “the politician with such magnificent hair it has its own Twitter account” [Perth Now]. In fact, his hair has been immortalised as 'Gary' by Walkley-award winning cartoonist First Dog on the Moon. And whether or not it gets the chop is up to you.

Depending on your allegiances, you can donate to SAVE “Gary” – in which case the hair stays – or donate to SHAVE “Gary” and he’ll be obliterated under No.2 clippers. Whichever option raises the most money will prevail on Saturday 12 March.


“Today, 34 Australians will be given the devastating news that they have leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma, and they’ll turn to the Leukaemia Foundation for help,” said Andrew York, General Manager at the Leukaemia Foundation in WA.

“People from all walks of life are affected by blood cancer, but people from all walks of life - even politicians - can help. That’s why I’ve signed up for the 2016 World’s Greatest Shave.” said Senator Ludlam.

From small beginnings in 1998, World’s Greatest Shave is now the Leukaemia Foundation’s most important fundraiser, providing a fun way to lessen the impact of blood cancer in our community.

Donate to save or shave “Gary the hair” by sponsoring Senator Scott Ludlam at

Download and print the poster to help Scott raise funds

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