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Government’s “Hear no evil, see no evil” routine on Julian Assange

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 30 May 2012

The Government are neglecting their duties to Australian citizen Julian Assange by failing to disclose information on his potential extradition to the US, the Australian Greens said today.

"Today in Senate Estimates I asked Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr and his department if the Australian Government had sought advice on whether the US Government is seeking to extradite Julian Assange," said Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam. "I was repeatedly told that the Australian government "was not aware of any evidence" of a sealed indictment on Assange."

"This is fairly simple code for ‘nothing has officially been put in writing'.

"Through the use of highly selective and awkward language, the Government is attempting plausible deniability instead of going into bat for an Australian citizen in trouble.

"This is a matter that the whole world is watching."

The UK Supreme Court is expected to deliver its verdict on Assange's extradition at 6pm (AEST).

Senator Ludlam has been leading the campaign for Assange's legal rights within the federal parliament:

Rallies will be held in all capital cities on Thursday. Senator Ludlam will be hold a press conference in Parliament House following the verdict this evening, and will attend the Canberra rally tomorrow.


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