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Government blindly committed to flawed Freight Link despite surging community opposition

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 18 Jun 2015

The Abbott Government has again shown its obsession with roads and unjustified destruction, voting against a Greens' motion to condemn the Perth Freight Link and its chaotic planning process.

"The community mobilisation against this disastrous urban freeway continues to surge, with eighteen groups and three local councils joining the alliance against it," Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

"The Liberal party is now completely isolated from the community and from common sense as it digs in behind a $1.6 billion freight highway to nowhere.

"The federal government should suspend its support for the project immediately.

"The Greens and the community are demanding that the business case and planning documents be publicly released, and that a formal investigation of alternatives, including a development of the Outer Harbour, be fully examined.

"The community campaign will win the day and end this divisive and destructive waste of money," Senator Ludlam concluded.


Motion Text opposed by the Abbott Government:

*738 Senator Ludlam: To move-That the Senate-
(a) notes that:
(i) the planning for the Perth Freight Link is in absolute chaos,
(ii) the project is counter to current state planning priorities set out in ‘Perth @ 3.5 million & beyond‘ which aims for renewal and infill of existing urban areas,
(iii) over 18 groups and three local councils are now part of a formal alliance against this project, and
(iv) no matter how the freight arrives at Fremantle Port it will be at capacity within a decade; and

(b) calls on the Government to commit to suspending federal environmental assessment and all federal funding for the project until such time as the Western Australian Barnett Government:
(i) publicly releases the business case for the project,
(ii) releases a detailed plan for stage 2 and 3 of the Perth Freight Link, showing how it proposes to build the road through Fremantle all the way to the port,
(iii) undertakes formal assessment and community engagement on those plans, and
(iv) formally investigates all alternative options, including the Outer Harbour.


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