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Grant expenditure to date on LETDF projects.

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 18 Dec 2009

Senator Ludlam asked:
Senator LUDLAM-I will leave it there. You have probably given us most of the information already but, just to be sure, could you provide for us on paper the amount of money that has been spent to date as opposed to allocated?
Mr Clarke-With regard to which-
Senator LUDLAM-To each of the five streams. You may have given us all of that already.
Mr Clarke-To each of the LETDF projects?
Senator LUDLAM-Yes.
Mr Clarke-Certainly.
Mr Morling-I think I gave it as part of my answer.
Senator LUDLAM-I am just not sure if we got all of it.
Mr Morling-If not, we will provide it as a follow-up.
Senator LUDLAM-Much appreciated.

For each of the five LETDF projects - the following table identifies the amount of grant funds that have been provided to each LETDF project, as at October 2009:

LETDF Project Recipient                           Grant funds available                      Grant funds provided
Chevron Aust Pty Ltd                                        $60 million                                                 nil
HRL Developments (IDGCC) Pty Ltd                  $100 million                                                nil
International Power (Technologies) Pty Ltd          $50 million                                            $3million
Solar Systems Generation Pty Ltd                      $75 million                                                 nil
CS Energy Ltd (funded via National
Low Emissions Clean Coal Initiative)                  $50 million                                          $20.8 million

Total                                                              $ 335 million                                      $23.8 million

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