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Green agenda for Mayors' Summit

The Australian Greens say infrastructure, broadband and constitutional reform must be on the agenda today, when the first Mayors' Summit kicks off in Canberra.

"Today's summit presents a rare opportunity to develop a shared response to the environmental challenges we face," said the Greens Spokesperson for Local Government, Senator Scott Ludlam.

"A national approach to green infrastructure is well over due. It's not enough for government to just pump money into building more roads. Public transport needs a helping hand. With petrol prices continuing to soar, providing a more affordable transport alternative would give both the environment and consumers welcome relief."

"There's a need for coordination across all levels of government to link this public transport to energy efficient housing infrastructure. This would create clean and green housing nodes for the sustainable cities of tomorrow."

"There are also black-spots in terms of access to broadband and in some regional communities in particular, this leads to exclusion from employment and a range of other opportunities. Discussing how these gaps can be filled, should be high on the agenda for today's meeting," Senator Ludlam said.

Senator Ludlam also said constitutional amendment is important to ensure that local government is guaranteed a direct revenue source, independent of the states.

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