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Greens announce bike app and funding for Bunbury

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 14 Jun 2013

Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam will visit Bunbury this Saturday 15 June to announce a costed Greens plan for fixing dangerous cycling routes and infrastructure in the Greater Bunbury area.

Senator Ludlam will also be launching a Bike Blackspot phone app and website, for Bunbury cyclists to identify further cycle routes needing improvement.

“The Greens are serious and passionate about giving people a safe option for riding their bike to work or school,” Senator Ludlam, a cycle-commuter himself, said.

“This is why we last year launched our costed Bike Vision for Perth and why today we are announcing details of how we believe, through a combination of Federal, State and local government funding, we can fix the key identified cycling blackspots in Greater Bunbury within the decade.

“This isn’t a pipedream; the Greens have got runs on the board when it comes getting money to fix bike paths and cycle lanes in WA.  In 2009, we negotiated $40 million Federally in the economic stimulus package for fixing bike infrastructure nationally.

“Last year, with the release of our Bike Vision, we saw the State Government increase its funding for bike paths in WA thanks to Greens pressure but it’s still not enough.

“We now want to see $3.2 million annually spent annually on cycle infrastructure in the south west region, with $2 million of that allocated each year to Bunbury.

“This funding could feasibly be sourced from a combination of the WA transport budget (of which the Greens propose 3% to be allocated to cycle infrastructure); the Federal transport budget (the Greens are lobbying for $80 million from the Federal transport budget for cycling); $4 million a year from a new Royalties for Regions cycling infrastructure fund; and a contribution from local governments worth $5 per capita (a contribution currently exceeded by some WA urban local governments).  

“Despite a strong fitness ethic, the latest ABS figures show Bunbury has a low rate for cycle-commuting at 1.5% which is understandable given the dangerous sections of road cyclists, especially children, must negotiate to get from A to B,” Senator Ludlam said.

“Parade Road between Washington Avenue and Centenary Road, connecting Dalyellup to Bunbury, is just one example.

“I applaud the fantastic work by the Greater Bunbury Bicycle User Group and local authorities to raise awareness about improving cycle infrastructure, including releasing the Bicycle Master Plan.

“What Bunbury families now need is someone to commit getting the money spent.  Bunbury deserves better, and the Greens are the only Party pushing for better cycle infrastructure with a detailed plan and enthusiasm to make it happen.”


Greens Senator Scott Ludlam (with bike and smart phone) and GBBUG members/local cyclists

10.30am (11am at latest on request) Saturday 15 June 2013

Parade Road, between Washington Ave and Centenary Road, Bunbury.

Media Contact – Giovanni Torre 0417 174 302

(P/T Media Officer: Eloise Dortch 0428 768 803)



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