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Greens announce Light Rail Initiative to future-proof Perth’s suburbs

Senator Scott Ludlam has challenged the next State Government to construct a light rail system linking Perth's metropolitan suburbs to meet affordable transport needs and address climate change.

"The value of good public transport services is evident in the changing land values along the new rail line. The Greens want to ensure people living in the suburbs are well served and protected from petrol price shocks by expanding public transport options for everyone, not just the wealthy inner suburbs," Senator Ludlam said.

A light rail network proposed by the Greens includes services that would link Perth's residential suburbs to the major train lines (see full report and map attached), although are looking to conduct extensive consultation with local councils and communities before finalising the routes.

The Australian Greens are working to shift federal funding away from roads to public passenger transport, which does not currently receive any federal funds.

"At present, the federal government does not fund metropolitan public transport at all, leaving this vital responsibility entirely to the states," Senator Ludlam said.

"The Greens are working to remedy this: we want to redirect 25% of the $22.3 billion AusLink 2 funding scheme for 2009-14 to metropolitan and regional public transport projects, rising to 50% after 2014."

"We also propose that the State Government make public transport the centrepiece of Western Australia's allocation of funds from the $20 billion ‘Building Australia Fund.' The money is available. The vision is there. All we need is the commitment," Senator Ludlam said.

"The Greens are the only party to advocate for public transport measures that will be desperately needed in the years to come."

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