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Greens hail sustainable building council’s call to action

The Australian Greens have welcomed the call to action from a leading sustainable urban development group.

Australian Greens sustainable cities spokesperson, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council's (ASBEC) call for a national policy on sustainable urban development was timely.

"For decades, provision of public transport and local employment has not kept pace with the rapid growth of Australian cities. We can transform cities with the right policies and practices, and today's launch helps point the way," said Senator Ludlam.

ASBEC has called for a Federal Minister, department and cabinet committee for Cities and Urban Development, a ministerial council bringing together the State and territory governments and an NGO roundtable.

"The Government's move to develop a national urban policy is a big step in the right direction - we will need decisive action to make a real difference to the way our cities are planned and built," said Senator Ludlam. "ASBEC is right when it says the development of our cities should not be left to chance and should not be inconsistently managed across state and territory lines."

"Without a comprehensive and coordinated plan to increase energy efficiency, make better use of space and deliver improved services and amenities such as public transport in our cities, we're placing millions of Australians at risk of an oil price shock," said Senator Ludlam.




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