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Greens Plan to Support local Community Broadcasting

Today on Perth community radio station RTR FM, the Australian Greens launched a $27million package to support our independent and diverse community media sector.

"Media diversity is vital to the health of our democracy and in this country media diversity is in retreat and community broadcasting provides a vital voice for local people and issues," said Senator Scott Ludlam.

"Community media is in demand. Each month 10 million Australians listen to community radio and 3.7 million watch community TV, enjoying the local content, local artists and fresh perspectives on the events that shape our lives.

"22,000 volunteers keep our community radio and TV stations on the air and investing in their training is an investment in Australia's digital economy.

"Community broadcasters provide radio for the print handicapped, Aboriginal media, multicultural and non-English language programs, religious, educational and youth services and community access programs.

"On average, government provides only 8.5% of any community station's funding.

"While meagre funds and small emergency funds are welcomed by this largely self-funding community, given the training, news and entertainment it provides to so many Australians, it deserves the certainty the Greens plan provides," Senator Ludlam concluded.

The Greens costed Community Media Plan can be found here:


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