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Greens slam Roe 8 approval decision

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 2 Jul 2015

The Australian Greens have slammed the WA Government for environmentally approving the Beeliar Wetlands section of the Roe 8 freight highway, pointing out that no amount of so-called protection could safe-guard against slamming a multi-lane freight freeway through such a unique and significant area.

"This is an appalling decision from a government that doesn't even to pretend to care about the damage to people, suburbs and the environment," Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

"The WA Government has the audacity to describe their decision as a ‘pro-environment design', which is a novel way of describing a six lane freeway smashing through a wetland. I'd hate to see their idea of an anti-environment design if this is their pro-environment offering.

"They're proposing to pour concrete over the Beeliar Wetlands before the planning for this disastrous project have even been completed. At this point, the plans for the link don't even reach Fremantle port and the Premier is refusing to release the project's business case.

"Colin Barnett and the WA Government continue to ignore the rising ground-swell of community opposition, including in the Premier's own electorate, at their peril. The Perth Freight Link debacle is shaping up to be a career-ending move for the Premier," Senator Ludlam concluded.


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