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Labor and Coalition unite to keep Australians in the dark on data retention

A move by the Australian Greens for the Government to make information about the proposed data retention scheme public has been defeated by the Government and Opposition voting in the Senate together.

Australian Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the Labor Party and Coalition had united to "keep Australians in the dark about a proposed scheme to monitor every piece of electronic correspondence and every phone call".

"With two orders for the production of documents the Greens sought to make public legal, technical, and political advice received by the Government and any other relevant information pertaining to the proposed data retention scheme. It was a perfectly reasonable request made in the interest of open and honest public debate - and the Labor Party and Coalition united to keep this information secret.

"Today's vote is a travesty. While the Government believes in the total exposure of private citizens' correspondence - which is what data retention would mean - it colludes with the Opposition to keep its own plans concealed."


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