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Latest info from Senate Estimates

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Scott Ludlam 1 Jun 2009

We're right in the middle of Senate Estimates, and are slowly picking out the best bits to put up here on the website. For the uninitiated, twice each year, usually in May and November, the estimates of proposed annual expenditure of government departments and authorities are referred by the Senate to the relevant legislation committees for examination and report. At the estimates hearings, Senators may directly question Ministers and public officials not only about the details of proposed expenditure but also about the objectives, operations and efficiency of the programs for which they are responsible.

Picking out some of the more interesting reads:

Scott grilled ASIO representatives over phone tapping and surveillance.

He also continued digging into aspects of the Government's proposed internet filtering plan.

Rachel asked a serious of questions about the recent closure of Land & Water Australia, which you can read here, here and here. This was then followed up the next day with questions about other cuts to agricultural research.

And continuing on our campaign against GM canola trials, some questions here.

We'll put some more of these up as they come. In the meantime, for the politics geeks out there, you can watch live here, see the transcript production here, and get involved in the discussion in the comments below or on our forums.

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