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Greens support arts community push for Senate Inquiry into Brandis arts takeover

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam today said the Greens will join the arts community push for a Senate Inquiry into Brandis’ arts takeover.

“Australia’s arts should not be the personal fiefdom of George Brandis,” Senator Ludlam said. 

“The Greens agree we need a Senate Inquiry to examine why the government is attacking the arts and undermining the Australia Council.”

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Abbott fails to act on Treasury Secretary's call on housing bubble

Under questioning from the Greens Spokesperson for Finance, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, the Treasury Secretary John Fraser said that, for Sydney and parts of Melbourne, the housing market was ‘unequivocally’ a bubble.

When Senator Whish-Wilson later questioned the Reserve Bank, Assistant Governor Malcolm Edey added that “…a lot of people do think it’s a bubble – serious people think that – and we agree that this is a situation where the market is strong, it’s overheated, it’s a risky situation…”

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Internet filters rise from the grave

More than two years after corporate regulator ASIC accidentally blocked 250,000 web addresses using a poorly-understood provision of the Telecommunications Act, a House of Representatives inquiry has recommended that at some point someone should get around to writing some internal guidelines.

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Open Economy - Stage 2

Scott Ludlam 30 May 2015

The open economy project is moving to stage two. 

In stage one we created a canvas on which to place financial entities – from households to corporations to whole countries.

In stage two we have engaged two developers to rebuild the project from scratch, redesigning the user interface based on feedback from round one, adding new comparison modules to allow financial data to be read more legibly, retiring the prototype and rebuilding it in D3.

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WA's marine future

With a massive coastline and unique marine ecosystems, climate change, over fishing, pollution and development are all major threats to Western Australia.

The Greens have strongly supported the development and maintenence of the world-leading system of marine protectected areas installed under the previous government, but which have been reduced to nothing more than lines on the map by Tony Abbott, after the management plans for these protected areas were abolished.

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Exploring the future of Beeliar

Scott Ludlam 30 May 2015

We're exploring the past, present and future of the Beeliar wetlands and surrounding suburbs, which are currently under threat from the Perth Freight Link development.

These maps show the options and potential for Perth's south beyond the limited road-focused development of a multi lane freight freeway.

The Greens understand that by investing in public transport, protecting and enhancing water and greenways, we can support our suburbs.

Beelair - Base Map

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