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National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016 funding

Question No. 537

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister representing the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, upon notice, on 22 March 2011:

With reference to the National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016 which notes that the $40 million Commonwealth stimulus funding for cycling infrastructure was significant, but states that more investment is required to ‘facilitate real progress on the cycling agenda':
(1) Can an outline be provided detailing the funding and resources, including full-time equivalents, allocated within the department to active transport.
(2) Does the department consider funding for bicycle infrastructure to be a legitimate component of transport funding.
(3) Is there any indication that the department will move towards regular funding for bicycle infrastructure; if not, why not.
(4) How many kilometres of dedicated bicycle paths currently exist in Australia.
(5) What is the Federal Government doing to address safety for cyclists.

Senator Carr - The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) The Major Cities Unit is responsible for the Department's activities within cities such as active transport. As of 31 March 2011, it had an average staff level of 6.8.
(2 & 3) The Australian Government fully supports bicycling as a component of Australia's transport task. In 2008-09, the Government invested $40 million for the construction of cycling infrastructure under the National Bike Paths Projects component of the Jobs Fund. The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport launched the National Urban Policy on 18 May 2011. This included a $20 million Liveable Cities program, announced as part of the 2011-12 Budget, to support projects that improve the quality of life in our cities, including those that promote active travel through walking and cycling.
(4) The Department does not collect data on this matter.
(5) The National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016 is particularly focused on safety engineering solutions for cyclists. A draft National Road Safety Strategy for 2011-2020 is currently under development which will complement the National Cycling Strategy in terms of safety.

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