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National Radioactive Waste Management Bill

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 10 Jun 2011

Senate Community Affairs Committee
Additional Estimates 2010-11, 23 February 2011
Question: E11-090

Senator Ludlam asked:
There is serious dispute over tenure that you are no doubt aware of already that is in the Federal Court at the moment. The Government is moving ahead to pass legislation anyway. I am not aware how you will apply your process when the actual ownership of the land is yet to be determined. Will you be forced to wait until that question has been?

ARPANSA's reporting under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act referral process and the licensing of any proposed waste facility on the nominated site under the ARPANS Act and Regulations will not be affected by the outcome of the Federal Court proceedings and decisions made on the legal title of the land.

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