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NBN report confirms need to avoid past mistakes of privatisation: Greens

The Australian Greens say the $25 million report released by the Rudd Government today on implementation of National Broadband Network confirms their concerns about potential privatisation of the network.

“The report released today underlines the challenges of regulating a monopoly telco and confirms our concerns about potential privatisation,” the Greens Communications Spokesperson Scott Ludlam said.

“It also states that regulators struggle to be effective in this area because they are at a disadvantage in terms of information and expertise.

“Those difficulties regard regulation are likely to be heightened if the telco is placed in private hands and is run for commercial gain.

“This supports the Greens’ view that the NBNco should remain in public hands. 

“I also note that the report also states that effective regulation would become all the more complex if the network is sold off in parts,” Senator Ludlam continued.

“The study reveals that the Federal Government can choose to go it alone without Telstra but it makes it clear that it would be a better outcome for taxpayers and shareholders if a reasonable arrangement can be agreed between Telstra and the Commonwealth. We therefore urge all parties to support such an outcome.”

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