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NITV viewers

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Scott Ludlam 20 Nov 2013

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications - Senate Budget Estimates - 30 may 2013

Senator LUDLAM asked:

Thank you for coming, Mr Ebeid, and thank you for your answers to the questions that I put on notice about the transition of NITV into SBS, among other things. That looks to me like it has been a very successful transition. What can you tell us about the trends in the number of viewers that NITV has had since being brought into the SBS stable?

Mr Ebeid: Obviously, going from a pay-TV-only channel to a free-to-air channel has increased their viewership significantly. I do not have the reach figures with me at the moment. I think the
reach figure is around 1.1 or 1.2 million, but I will have to check that. We know that we are appealing certainly to the broader community as well, which is one of our hopes - that it is a channel not just for Indigenous Australians but for all Australians to really get a good view, a window, into Indigenous culture and stories; and that has been working well as well.

Senator LUDLAM: Great. Would you check those figures and provide them to us?

Mr Ebeid: I will get them to you, yes. I know that the channel does vary from evening to evening in terms of its share, depending on its content, obviously. It does range sometimes up to about 0.6 per cent of share, which is terrific for the channel.

Senator LUDLAM: It would be good to see it benchmarked against the SBS main channel. How many staff in total does NITV have on board? I think you said 43 in your answer to my question.

Mr Ebeid: That sounds about right.


NITV has an average reach of 433,388 viewers over 31 weeks. In its first 19 days, NITV brought
an additional 270,000 viewers to the SBS network. As its peak, in March 2013, NITV added an
additional 330,000 viewers to the SBS network. NITV accounts for 4.4 per cent of SBS's total
viewing audience. NITV has 51 staff, 38 of whom are Indigenous.

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