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Notice of Motion on TrapWire

Scott Ludlam 14 Aug 2012



I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that the Senate

1. Reports of a surveillance system known as TrapWire operating in the UK, Canada and US cities including Washington DC, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles;

2. TrapWire's features are reputed to include the ability to centralise and aggregate data from public surveillance cameras and share threat information across networks;

Calls on the government to

1. Confirm whether the TrapWire system is deployed anywhere in Australia.

2. Confirm if Australian law enforcement and intelligence agencies have access to, or have in the past used, information provided by foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies using theTrapWire system.

3. Confirm if the Australian government or its law enforcement and intelligence agencies have held discussions about acquiring the TrapWire system for use by government entities here.



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