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Nuclear renaissance ‘impossible'

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 15 Jul 2015

As the Australian Uranium Conference opens today in Perth, Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens acting leader and spokesperson for nuclear issues has dubbed the industry as terminally ill.

"Renewable energy is growing at a faster rate than nuclear energy - an industry that has been dominated by disasters, cost blow outs and safety issues," Senator Ludlam said today.

"It's time the nuclear industry came to terms with the reality that a renaissance of the industry is impossible and resuscitation unlikely," Senator Ludlam said.

The BP Statistical Review of World Energy released in June 2015, showed that nuclear now contributes just 4.4% of the global energy mix while renewables contribute 6% with a growth rate of 12%. BP concludes that "Consumption increased for all fuels, reaching record levels for every fuel type except nuclear power".

"The uranium industry has some influential friends in Australia - particularly in WA and SA, but the industry needs more than good friends to get something so expensive, dangerous, outdated and slow off the ground in Australia. The risks and costs make nuclear completely redundant in the face of new and exciting renewable technology and new storage capabilities," said Senator Ludlam.

"The industry's influence is clearly visible in the comments made today by WA Minister Bill Marmion. His rhetoric is typical of the modern Liberal Party, one which is fundamentally opposed to clean energy technology.

"The nuclear industry has been nothing more than a distraction from finding real solutions to climate change and getting on with the task of establishing a world class renewables manufacturing, design and energy production industry," Senator Ludlam concluded.


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