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ODA funding for northern Sudan

Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee
Senate Budget Estimates, June 2011
Questions on Notice: AusAID
Question No. 24

Senator Ludlam asked on notice
Has any Australian ODA funding been provided specifically for northern Sudan since 2004?

While the majority of Australian ODA to Sudan since 2004 has been provided to the country as a whole, some of Australian ODA has been specifically provided for the northern area of Sudan. This has primarily been for humanitarian activities in Darfur.

To date, Australia's ODA to Sudan has largely been through UN agencies and funding mechanisms. Australia's contributions to Sudan through such mechanisms are not geographically earmarked within the country.

AusAID estimates that of the $136 million in total Australian ODA to Sudan since 2004, approximately $77.6 million would have benefited northern Sudan (primarily Darfur).

Note this information updates information provided to a Senate Estimates Question on Notice in March 2010 (Question 24).

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