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Open Economy - Stage 2

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Scott Ludlam 30 May 2015

The open economy project is moving to stage two. 

In stage one we created a canvas on which to place financial entities – from households to corporations to whole countries.

In stage two we have engaged two developers to rebuild the project from scratch, redesigning the user interface based on feedback from round one, adding new comparison modules to allow financial data to be read more legibly, retiring the prototype and rebuilding it in D3.

The bespoke data format which underlies the existing prototype will be retired in favour of the existing data format used by OpenSpending, to help integrate the Open Economy project into the broader open data community.  

The four-quadrant model is a crude way of representing four key financial indicators: balance sheet on the left, budget on the right, to provide a quick visual comparison between different financial entities. Opening up each in turn, its components can be unfolded, annotated and hyperlinked. It’s a scenario-building tool as well as a map.


Commonwealth Budget

Budget  Expenditure

Budget Deficit

Concept by Scott Ludlam
Design by Ri Liu
Data formatting by Steve Bennett

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