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Perth Nuclear Debate hots up: Greens & Liberals to go head-to-head

A public debate in Perth tomorrow (Thurs) night between the Greens and Liberals on the topic of nuclear power could not be more timely, the Australian Greens say.

“Today, we saw newly dominant far-right Federal Liberal MPs emerge from their Party’s disarray with a push for Tony Abbott to support the establishment of nuclear power plants in Australia,” said Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam said.

“Among these are WA Senator Matthias Cormann, whom I greatly look forward to debating at Perth Town Hall tomorrow night.

“The debate, allowing seven minutes from each speaker, as well as questions from the floor, will be an opportunity to present facts rather than spin – and I certainly plan to do so.

“Climate sceptics insist nuclear power is the only solution to a problem they don’t believe exists. It defies logic or credibility, but let’s have the debate anyway.

“Despite investors fleeing this industry since its heyday in the 1970s and skyrocketing costs to build nuclear plants, die-hard nuclear proponents continue to lobby hard.

“Among the many reasons why nuclear power is not viable are:
• the fact that the world’s nuclear power fleet is shrinking not growing, primarily due to cost;
• the shunning of nuclear power projects by insurance companies and investors;
• the technology’s inability to help us address climate change, especially in the necessary timeframe; and
• the risks it poses, including through an increasing number of ageing nuclear power plants globally; terrorism; and its unresolved toxic waste problem.
“I look forward to a fair and informed debate on this issue with my team members Dr Irene Kirczenow and Mr Dave Sweeney,” Senator Ludlam concluded.
WHEN:  6pm from a 6.30pm start, TOMORROW, Thursday 3 December 2009
WHERE:  Perth Town hall, corner Barrack and Hay streets, Perth

For more information or media inquiries, please call Eloise Dortch 0415 507 763

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