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Public transport and green jobs crucial to nation building

The Australian Greens say the government should prioritise green infrastructure and comprehensive public transport systems, now that it's being forced to downscale its infrastructure plans.

"Now that there is less money in the government's infrastructure kitty, it needs to prioritise initiatives that will be of positive, long term benefit to the Australian community. Public transport is an area in urgent need of attention," said the Greens Public Transport Spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam.

'State Government proposals for unnecessary freeways should be the first projects to get the chop."Infrastructure Australia is due to hand down its list of $45 billion worth of nation building projects in the next few days, but the global financial crisis has called the future of private sector partnerships and investment into question.

"Australians want greener and more affordable transport options and the Rudd government should not pass up this opportunity to provide them."

"Governments the world over are recognising that you can boost the economy by investing in initiatives that have an environmental benefit. Rudd should follow world leaders like UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and US President-elect Barack Obama in recognising that with a ‘Green New Deal' we can build our way out of the financial meltdown, while preventing the climate meltdown," said Senator Ludlam.

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