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Questions relating to site selection for nuclear waste

Scott Ludlam 20 Nov 2012


Date: 20 November 2012

Senator: Ludlam

To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Resource and Energy

1. Has Minister Ferguson visited the Muckaty Land Trust in the Northern Territory.

2. If so,
a. When did this occur.
b. At whose invitation.
c. Who did the Minister meet with.
d. Who accompanied the Minister on the trip.
e. Did the Minister meet with any Muckaty Traditional Owners or representatives of the Northern Land Council to discuss the proposal for a national radioactive waste dump at Muckaty.
f. Will the Minister provide notes or meeting records arising from meetings.

3. If not why did the Deputy Secretary of the Department recently state at a presentation at St Ignatius College, Riverview in Sydney that Minister Martin Ferguson has visited the Muckaty Land Trust.

4. If an alternative site is nominated on the Muckaty Land Trust to be assessed for a national nuclear waste facility, will a site assessment comparable to the one previously undertaken by Parson's Brinckerhoff examining four sites in the NT be required.

5. Has any work been done to prepare a tender for assessment of an alternative site on Muckaty or anywhere.

6. Has preparation of a tender and award of a contract been budgeted.

7. How much would this cost and what time frames are being considered.

8. Will the Minister provide correspondence with the Northern Land Council related to the proposed additional site to be nominated on the Muckaty Aboriginal Land Trust.

9. Has the Department been engaged in any formal or informal discussions or consultations about other potential sites - outside of the Muckaty land Trust - for locating a national radioactive waste facility.

10. Was a meeting convened by the NLC on the Muckaty Land Trust on Wednesday 7 November 2012 to discuss a proposed new site for a national radioactive waste dump.

11. Which Commonwealth officers were in attendance at this meeting.

12. Who invited them and what was the purpose of their attendance.

13. Were Northern Territory police stationed at the turnoff to Muckaty station as people arrived to attend the meeting.

14. Were the Commonwealth officers aware the police would be there before they arrived.

15. Is it standard practise for police resources to be deployed around a community meeting.

16. What was the rationale for the deployment.

17. Who requested the police to be present.

18. Will the Minister provide the invitation given to the Minister or Department to attend the meeting.

19. Will the Minister table any presentation notes that were delivered or distributed to the people at the meeting.

20. What was the outcome of the meeting.

21. What follow up actions have been undertaken or committed to by any federal officers or agencies.

22. Did the Northern Land Council provide the Commonwealth with information about who had been invited to and/or was in attendance at the meeting.

23. Did the Minister or officers of his Department request the attendance of particular people and if so who.

24. Did the Minister or officers of his Department request the non-attendance of particular people and if so who.

25. Will the Minister provide this information.

26. Given that NLC Principal Legal Officer, Mr.Ron Levy indicated a specific site is known to the NLC at a press conference on Crab Claw Island on Tuesday 13 November 2012, was the specific site for an alternative/additional nomination discussed at the 7 November 2012 meeting on the Muckaty Land Trust.

27. If so, was the alternate site referred to with a name or geographical location.

28. Will the Minister provide the precise geographical location of the proposed location of the alternative site referred to by the NLC's Principal Legal Officer.

29. Has an assessment been made of the impact of any further site nomination on the Muckaty Land Trust on the current federal court action contesting the current site nomination.

30. If so, will the Minister provide the assessment.

31. Has the Commonwealth attended or been notified of any other meetings convened by the NLC to discuss the proposed nomination of an additional site on the Muckaty Land Trust.

32. If so, will the Department provide any written or electronic correspondence from the NLC with regard to these meetings.

33. Is the Department aware of any future consultation meetings planned regarding the proposed additional site.

34. Has the Minister or Department discussed with the Northern Land Council granting West Banka Banka station as Aboriginal land as a benefit for nominating an additional site on the Muckaty Land Trust for a national nuclear waste facility.

35. Will the Department table all correspondence and notes relating to compensation for any additional site nomination made on the Muckaty Land Trust or any alternate site.

36. What is the relationship between Traditional Owners of West Bank Banka station and Traditional Owners of the Muckaty Land Trust.


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