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SBS Motion

Senator LUDLAM: To move:
That the Senate-

Notes that
1. In Australia there are twice as many people speaking languages other than English and that Australia is more culturally and racially diverse than 30 years ago, at the time of the formation of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
2. research demonstrates that tensions and fault lines exist in Australia, with particular sensitivity around refugee intake.

Notes that Australia's SBS
1. was the first multicultural broadcaster established anywhere in the world
2. transmits in a different language every hour, with 7 million viewers watching SBS TV in over 60 languages per week
3. exposes Australians to cultures and ideas beyond the Anglosphere
4. portrays multicultural Australia and tells the stories of Aboriginal people
5. has the purpose of inspiring all Australians to explore and appreciate our multicultural world and contribute to an inclusive society

Calls on the government to consider whether the resources allocated to SBS are sufficient to allow it to fulfill its mandate and take full advantage of the education, employment and creative opportunities provided by digital multi-channeling and the NBN.


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