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SBS online service use

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 15 Jul 2011

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications
Budget Estimates Hearings May 2011
Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Portfolio
Special Broadcasting Service
Question No: 59

Senator Ludlam asked:
Senator LUDLAM: Mr Brown, I owe you a significant apology for not being able to attend the last time you sat in front of us. I am very glad to be here this evening. I would like to start with something that I am not sure whether you mentioned in your initial remarks or not, which is your online service. There is a huge amount of material online there. It is very well presented. I think it is a great service that has changed quite significantly in the last little while. What can you tell us about the traffic that you get and what it tells you about your user base?
Mr Brown: I will probably take on notice the specifics in terms of unique browsers, although we have been consistently averaging a million in recent months, and that is a marked increase. We are now targeting two million. But I think in general what it demonstrates is the beginning of a change in audience behaviour towards an on-demand model. I think most of us in the industry have been aware that that is coming. Virtually all of our programming is now available on catch-up. That is getting significant use. We would expect that to expand.

Average monthly
July 2010 - May 2011
Unique Browsers (UBs): 1,471,963
Page impressions: 12,992,222
Video views: 1,988,163
(Video and audio streams)
Source: Nielsen SiteCensus

Total SBS Aggregate - Unique Browsers By Month (Table attached)

The most popular portals are: SBS News and Current Affairs (World News Australia, Insight, Dateline, Living Black); The World Game (local and international football coverage); and SBS Food (food and lifestyle).

The Go Back to Where You Came From website recently set new records for SBS's online performance. On the night the first episode was broadcast on SBS ONE (21 June), the website received almost 1,000 viewer comments (compared to the usual figure of 50-80), and had over 30,000 UBs, with 5,000 people viewing the first episode online in the 24 hours after it went to air.

In total the Go Back to Where You Came From website has had 186,272 UBs, 223,948 video views (episodes and related content on the website such as the interactive school resources) and over 4,500 comments since it was launched in June, with the majority of this interaction occurring when the program was broadcast.

This data indicates more involvement and interaction online from an expanded audience base, and growing expectations that SBS will provide opportunities for audiences to engage with SBS content online.

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